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Repairing Terminator 2, Judgement Day, by Midway Mfg.(1991)
By, William Stephens
(clicking any picture in this article will bring up an enlarged version)

The procedures outlined in this article are very dangerous for the clumsy and inept among us. If you think this applies to you then read but don't do, you might kill yourself.

This one is a prime example of engineering blunders that got away. I had a lot of experience designing aerospace flight equipment, microwave thingies and a lot of digital and analog mysteries for the military and private sector dealing in research and development. In that world there were stringent rules for doing things that were hard won over the years by trial and error. One of these was where to place and orient circuits. Some of the rules were never mount a circuit board horizontally so that any dew or condensation will not build up on the surface. Never choke off the air or convection flow. Never put strong signal devices and circuits near low signal devices and most importantly, never ever place a circuit where a spilled fluid can pour on it. This is exactly what Midway did with it's T2 game and here's what results.

We got a T2 in and it had multiple problems, mainly missing lights and no gun action, other than that, it was in really good shape, barely looked used.

--William Stephens

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